Monday, July 29, 2019

Israel, the US, and the PA succession conundrum (regime change Palestine)

from al Jazeera

Since the Trump administration took over in January 2017, pressure has mounted on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resign. By now Washington clearly no longer wishes to deal with the Palestinian Authority (PA) under his leadership.

Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner recently called Abbas's decision to boycott the Bahrain workshop, where the economic side of Washington's peace plan was presented, "hysterical and erratic".

Meanwhile, various Israeli officials have also suggested that they are hoping for Abbas to leave office. Some, like former Foreign Minister Dore Gold, have gone as far as to claim that within the next six months, Palestinians themselves will demand a change of leadership.

The current Israeli government has been actively trying to destabilise the PA by pursuing various hostile measures, including blocking its access to $140m worth of tax revenue meant to help pay for salaries each month. This, along with cuts in US aid, have put Ramallah under increasing financial strain...

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