Monday, July 8, 2019

Renegade Inc: Neoliberalism - An Idea Swallowing The World

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  1. Frances Coppola obfuscated that economic conflict is between social classes, not "the individual versus the collective". That's bourgeois liberal nonsense- pedantically speaking, every society has both groups and individuals acting on their own in certain situations. Then, some individuals and some groups are wealthier and/or more powerful than others, which means they are more able to make society run for their benefit. The systems that make societies work are also much bigger, more complex and less easily controllable than the will of small numbers of people. Individuals require education and favourable living conditions to make the most of their interests, too (I'd argue an aerospace engineer in the 1950s Soviet Union was individually better off than a coal miner in Appalachia).
    Then there's Vijay Prashad smearing Duterte (really the Philippine Chávez) and Erdogan by association with Bolsonaro or Trump. A spoonful of truth makes the agenda go down more easily.