Saturday, July 13, 2019

Max Blowback Blumenthal Lying About Turkish Support of Uyghur Contras in Syria

So Max Blumenthal is at it again promoting regime change in yet another country like his daddy's Clinton Foundation paycheck depends on it.

Blowback Blumenthal tweet

TIP Wiki page

Turkey listed TIP as terrorist organization in 2017

Long War Journal

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  1. Hey Scott: The Ui/yghurs in Syria are not Turkey allied.

    If you've noticed the Ui/yghurs of China are the 'hallowed' ones in an idea to demonize China as well as Turkey.

    But if you do some digging you will find US and German connections to the Ui/yghurs.

    The World Ui/yghur Congress is located in Germany, Not in Turkey.

    and if you dig a little more you'll find ties to the US.
    In Washington DC.

    I'm just saying...