Sunday, July 14, 2019

Why Did Dershowitz and Cernovich Join Miami Herold Lawsuit? To Keep Some Documents Sealed

All credit to Lee Stranahan and Gilad Atzmon for this one.

Yes it seems Cernovich is simply involved so his mouthpiece can take a cue from Dersh and object to the release of documents that will be troubling to him.  Dersh is there to do the same for various other guilty parties I'm sure. Dersh says he wanted all documents released. If that's the case why would he participate in the redaction approval process? Why would he get involved at all for that matter? After the Miami Herold expose it was clear the previous court rulings would be overturned. So why his he involved and why did they get Cernovich to sign on as well?

Lee Stranahan video

American Empire Exposed Ch. 14

court orders files released

the process

Cernovich lawyer a scumbag

Cernovich takes credit, wants more money

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