Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Biden's Transition Team and Rona Advisors are a Straight-up Nightmare


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  1. I see today going around that Dear Leader-in-waiting has already transgressed the Logan act by conversing with foreign leaders, which is supposed to be verboten till sworn in.

    Maybe big orange mishelin man is not rolling over just yet, & it's not just a false bravado to save face.

    Here's jerome corsi, who i have at least some respect for, unlike over 98% of the sponsored/paid hacks & pimps out there pretending to be truthers. 75 min long, so maybe just pick a few random segments:
    Dr Corsi NEWS 11-10-20: Trump Wins Going on Offense

    or, if you're looking more for entertainment value, there's tons of joe gaffes & joe-gasm clips up on the tube, like this one:
    Joe Biden gaffe as he introduces granddaughter as late son Beau | 9News Australia

    To think this doofus maximus is supposed to take possession of the football on a handoff at inauguration.

  2. I have been reading the _Protocols of Zion_ lately, and one of the things said is that _starvation_ will be used to achieve the desired world.government. Sounds like Kissinger's "make their economies scream," doesn't it? Coincidence?

    I agree that it is Big Business. But I don't think Big Business has a will of its own -- I think there is a force in the shadows that gives it ideas.

  3. another deep snake actor sounding off here, about the 2016 pre-election polls (not same as exit polls,which i still can't find what they predicted then):

    None of this happened. Trump held Arizona, swept the blue wall and defeated Hillary Clinton 304 to 227 in the Electoral College. The pollsters were not even close to this result. Pollsters then promised they would mend their ways, consider their mistakes, adjust their models and deliver much more accurate results for the 2020 election.

    Did they? They did not even come close. In many ways, the pollsters’ performance was worse in 2020.