Monday, November 16, 2020

Strangelove Normal: Fauci "Masks Even AFTER Vaccine" Tapper "No X-mas for YOU!"

 I cannot post the Bitchute video here. Please go to link below to watch video. Thanks.

 Please watch Strangelove Normal here. Thanks.

Who says the fascists lost WWII?

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  1. So you're saying that Santa Klaus IS coming to town?

    non-stop planted propaganda in place, here from the atlanticist, about how masks really, really are good for you, honest and for truly:

    The initial bungled messaging and science around masks was unfortunate, but things have turned around; the CDC has even publicized how masks can help protect the wearer from infection, as well as lower the chances of onward transmission.

  2. Rundown on the 5 contested states. most pretty facile, shallow, unsubstantiated allegations made off the bat, including the humorous one mentioned here where Rudy G.showed up in a PA courtroom to give his best impression of Lionel Hutz.

    Those 2GA Repug senators not elected outright with a tight senate house split now, have to go to runoff in Jan/2021 to try to keep the repug majority, i assume this is to be before Jan20.

    BUT, Joe seems to be enjoying it all: