Thursday, November 12, 2020

Ticketmaster Forced to Rescind Vaccine Mandate as the Lemmings Pout


Chalk one up for freedom and real science


Whitney Webb article

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  1. Is that big 'protest' this weekend 14th, right in the swamp which of course is right in/near MD because that's where they built it afterward, just a circus distraction from gigantic dominoes falling now like this one?
    Even says reported by faux nooze.
    TENS & TENS of thousands starting Sunday 15th can/will have utilities shut off in just these few counties in MD!
    So how many millions will it be nationally, with winter coming.

    MONEY GPS NOV12 goes to screenshot at that time of news article

  2. All this dreary grim news. just because we're on the eve of implosion, doesn't mean we can't inject some humor.
    No wonder he won, with heavyweight like her on his side! Hmmm, On second thought, i think it's mis-captioned,should read: 'glenn close dresses up as glenn close'.

    Detroit official testifies she & others were instructed to backdate thousands of ballots in Michigan
    nov 12; 12 minutes


    Even though the NeverTrumper neocons did not succeed in blocking Donald Trump in 2016, they have been maintaining relevancy by slowly drifting back towards the Democratic Party, which is where they originated back in the 1970s in the office of the Senator from Boeing Henry “Scoop” Jackson. A number of them started their political careers there, to include leading neocon Richard Perle.