Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The 'Shy' Trump Vote Steals 6 Major States and Election for The Donald


 The oligarchs are pleased.

 Trump speech video

Election results map

Real Clear Politics

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  1. That's just one block they've put in place of many to try to ensure their agenda & timeline is followed.

    for example, many have picked upon the great orange hope's fetish commenting incessantly on $hitter commenting about the post office on various themes, intentionally pre-activating that meme, like those evil chinee shipping in that opiate made there, via the USPS! That goes back to 2017, BTW, the 1st full year he was in, yet he never did anything about it in 3 years besides whining on twitter--strange, no? Then most recently just 2 or 3 months ago about some kind of mail-in ballot fraud coming from certain states.
    So sure enuf didn't take Karnak to predict this, we are seeing blogs claim there is today 4th vote so hung, a late flood of dem vote ballots flooding in, so there will be a challenge based on this and a 2000-type supremes ruling and awarding of the election.
    meanwhile their agenda continues all fronts---seen this!?:
    The soon-to-be-released film Songbird is the first major project out of Hollywood since the lockdowns began, and it smacks of predictive programming, trauma-based mind control, and a disturbing blurring of the lines between fact and fiction.

  2. just one example of post above, & in great orange father's own words,too. NOV4 posted:

    President Donald Trump has already declared victory in the election and says he’s going to have to take the decision to the Supreme Court. “Frankly, we did win this election,” Trump said.

    Remember, Trump just appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett who Nancy Pelosi has called an “illegitimate justice.” This election battle has only just begun. Bringing the Supreme Court into it when democrats are declaring a justice illegitimate is going to ignite more chaos than we could imagine

    as of nov5 AM, Joe Bite Me has it 253 to 214:


  4. I think Trump is the best president we've had since Kennedy. He put a brake on the momentum of world government, which would put an end to America's national sovereignty, which in effect would put an end to American history.

    1. I agree, Kendra. Interesting what has gone down since Scott made the video. It now seems the media is making the call, or, at least, trying to.