Sunday, November 22, 2020

Review of Danish Study on Effectiveness of Wearing Surgical Masks


This Danish study is the only one of its kind and it shows the difference between mask wears and those who choose not to wear them is statistically non-existent when it comes to catching Sars-Cov-2. So of course the LA Times has to spin those results to say they suggest everyone needs to wear masks all the time.


Danish study published on NIH website WITHOUT results

LA Times spin article

Annals of Internal Medicine white paper

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  1. It is clear to me that the mask requirement has nothing to do with health but is intended to humiliate the individual and quash his pride. What is going on is a takeover of our free country by a totalitarian political system, in my opinion.

    Should we not fight this, even at the risk of our lives? That is what our American forebears would have done, I submit.

    1. Yes Kendra, it has been clear from the very start that masks are really about compliance and separating dissidents from the herd. It is also clear that, without the masks [and of course the media] that it would then be obvious to everybody that there is no "pandemic". How else would you know that there is one? Hardly anyone is actually sick
      Here in the uk then, literally anybody can self exempt themselves using the governments own "guidelines". But 95+% of those in my area use a mask when shopping. I live in Yorkshire too, known throughout the uk as the home of awkward contrarians. I've never worn a mask and never will. When challenged I look them in the eye and say with firm authority "I am exempt" that always does the trick

    2. Pete, like you I refuse to wear a mask. Where I live the Governor has decreed that people must wear masks when walking down a street. I always worry that the police might stop me when I take a walk or go shopping. So far the police have let me pass.

      If the police do stop me I will not plead an exemption, however, though I have emphysemia. What I will say is that I am a citizen of a free country and it is my duty as a citizen to oppose tryanny, and that is why I am not wearing a mask.

    3. I worry about my cat.
      If they throw me in jail who's going to feed my dear Fima.

      What dicks these people are!
      Or is their problem a satanic one?

  2. Scott, the vids in the uk of cops enforcing mask rules are very much the exception here. In fact I think that they were probably produced to scare the dissident public into compliance.

    Cops here hate covid enforcement jobs, I know that for certain. Because, via my son, I know a few cops here and I have asked them all about covid enforcement. The almost universal response has been that this is a job that most cops don't want to do, they've got more important priorities. This is because they are aware that, if a citizen claims exemption then, the cop cannot demand to know the medical history of the individual. [Ironically, this is because of privacy legislation to protect personal data] Nobody is obliged to reveal the circumstances of their exemption, so any claim of exemption is therefore valid to a cop

    Further the cops told me that often when they turn up to an obvious party at someone's house then, if when they knock on the door the owner opens it and says "F*ck off", the cop is left with a choice. Go and obtain a warrant to enforce entry to the house, or mark the job "attended site and spoke with the owner". They usually take the latter option because the former is a pointless pain in the ass for them. All the cops that I spoke with know that this "pandemic" is BS in some way or other. They are among some of the most aware folks that I've spoken with about the whole ronabaloney psyop. Gotta be grateful for small mercies

  3. Hey Scott:
    wanted you to know I've borrowed your video to accompany my latest

  4. Exactly what this article says NOV21:

    They don’t want to have restrictive orders that people just entirely ignore," Fenberg said. "Once you cross that line, that seriously, then it really starts to unravel, when people completely check out from following the orders."

    We’ll ignore the creepy framing of the issue around how citizens have lamentably "grown accustomed to certain freedoms" like being able to leave one’s home. But Fenberg is right to think the public is unlikely to be nearly as compliant this time around.

    And what happens if Americans start acting as if there were no pandemic? Then, the pandemic is at a de facto end, even if "experts" insist that it is still a de jure reality.

    1. that's an interesting read- thanks for leaving it.
      I might just have to post it at my place!

  5. This lady has a huge output of this plannedemonium, from POV of the 'laws' in place,to the fraud of the masks,etc.

    look especially for the june 15 one, 'OSHA Says Masks Don't Work', which with one simple test shows how the O2 level of inhaled air by anyone wearing one after barely 1 minute drops below OSHA's own safe workplace limit number (19.5%).