Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Newsom Caught Lying While Sean Penn Goes Full Hypocrite on Twitter

Never go full hypocrite.


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  1. Go easy on poor Sean!
    He's likely under some kind of evil hex put on by his demon-worshiping ex.
    Plus, he likely doesn't know there are out there designed by nutty nerds & others masks that are waterproof, so can be used by any beach gomer.

    Ocean Reef says the first 3D-printed prototypes have already been tested over the past three weeks and full industrial production is scheduled to begin this week, with initial output at 1,000 units per day.
    Takes haute couture to a whole new tier.

  2. Excuse me Jeff Spicoli,I Don't know if your mind's too fried from those Highs.No Jeff(Aka Sean).People are suffering and dying because of Greedy Rich Smucks like you,Jeff.Oh Yesss back in 82 you had the charm and looked cool.But with that Statement you just made now in 2020.YOU SUCK,if you were COOL.You've would gave or cut the Poor people a check to"Feed the Poor""Put A Roof over someone's Head.Geez Sean you got 10's of Millions of Dollars

  3. Another reason why Sean Penn got away with beating Madonna,Reporters and Extras.Sean Penn partly got his start from his Dad Leo Penn.Leo Penn Directed and wrote episodes of TV Shows.