Friday, November 20, 2020

Giuliani, Wayne County and the Rest of the Story


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  1. NY MSM has their hair on fire protesting big orange man's pushback against accepting the election's results:
    NOV 19

    President Trump’s strategy has become clear over two days of increasingly frenetic action by an executive who is weeks away from losing power.Credit...Anna Moneymaker for The New York Times
    Mr. Trump’s chances of succeeding are somewhere between remote and impossible, and a sign of his desperation after ...

  2. U can see in many articles the meme percolating to the surface of who will be getting the blame for any fraud if big orange man carries through on his "i concede nothing" position of just a few days ago, by doing something outrageous.

    The official legal team for President Donald Trump—led by Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis—outlined an argument that America’s elections were hijacked by a conspiracy involving Dominion voting systems, the Smartmatic corporation, and elected officials of both parties. The team claimed that these actors collaborated with foreign enemies of the president

    interesting that taking this tack here, they're conceding up front that it can't be his fault, not for this nor any other of the big setback events during his 4 years, because he's just an out-of-his-league puppet being toyed with & flim-flammed from one thing to another. so i guess he wasn't playing 4-d chess after all, as all his cloying sycophants were obnoxiously braying the whole time.

  3. According to David Duke, who I used to ignore, Whites voted 60 percent for Trump, while Blacks voted 92 percent for Biden.

    Because I think the Biden people are Marxists ("soft" Communists who don't advocate killing Whites like the Jews of Russia did - and it was in the tens of millions) my attitude toward Blacks has changed. It used to be favorable. Now I see them as an inferior race of human which should never have been granted citizenship.

    I definitely think there was vote fraud and Trump won the election.

    I have studied Philosophy at the graduate level, and I am a child of a mixed-class marriage who was raided Unitarian.