Thursday, November 26, 2020

Supreme Court Delivers a Hopeful Ruling Day Before Thanksgiving


Neither the constitution nor your rights disappear during a pandemic.



Ben Swan interview

PR Newswire

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  1. I'm positive that any supreme song is allowed to be set aside for either 60 or 90 days by dear leader, whoever that is or will be.

    just scan the headlines over at zero hedge (sold out to abc recently, so there's fair warning,& why many know it as zero cred.) past days they've got every cockamamey rumor, fairy tale, half-baked deep snake first draft ripped off the basement typewriter before it even gets to Q & The starry-eyed stuck-on-stupid Hope-a-Dopes,...
    in there they're repeating a mere 'rumor' where the Great Orange Hope will enact some kind of decree nullifying this election & ordering a new one for around spring equinox.