Saturday, November 21, 2020

Rona UPDATES: Minnesota Lock-down and UK "Freedom Passes"


What a wonderful world, huh?


I was a bad boy but I got my mind right now!

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  1. See 3 days ago Michigan started impeachment first step preparing against their governator for the 2nd lock-down.

    But U ain't seen nuttin' yet. 2021 is the year. Almost certainly it was targeted years or even up to 2 decades ago by the psycho control freak alpha draconis types we see at the top everywhere.

    see here. good chart but the Y axis is not shown stretched to the degree it should be to show the relative severity of the crises, because there are of course decadal, generational, century, up to multi-millennial, & each of them echoes forward in time to re-introduce themselves to those living at that time.
    So why 2021, what is it reflecting? Turns out it will be exactly a full circle 360 degrees from AD 1661, when China banned fiat currencies forever after 6 (some say7) failed attempts at it, all ending the same way.
    What are the odds that the astounding rise of China in the past mere 3 decades, & all the major events since have had a strong China flavor being just a coincidence?

    But this 360 will in turn just be the last one in a series of some multiple of 360 going back who knows how many millennia.

    Note someone obligingly extended the chart properly past 1987, when most of these end because there was a flurry of interest in them up to then, but they went out of vogue:

  2. Quick addendum all u need really to see what 2021 will be about.
    Note how again all the PHI numbers & ratios target 2021:

    But here's one where it really shows the vice's crush closing in 2021. But note the guy petch made a basic math error in his chiral (contracting spiral) chart---to get to a fibo 89 years from the crushing collapse crash low in 1932, we need to add 89, not 88 as showing where he strangely ends it at 2020!

    The sum of all lesser fibo numbers below a higher fibo results in 1 short of that higher fibo.
    So in time reversing the fibo sequence, one must extend it by 1 to match up with the years, then 2021 shows plainly: 34+21+13+8+5+3+2+1+1+1
    Note how 2021 is really now showing on the chart as it will show up to be in reality, a vanishing point collapse.