Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Russian MoD Blames Israel for Attack Which Led to Downing of Il-20 by Syria

from Sputnik International

A Russian military aircraft with 14 people on board disappeared from radar screens over Syria at the same time that Israeli and French forces were mounting aerial attacks on targets in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry has stated.

Israel had notified Russia about its operation in Syria via hotline a minute before the strike, which did not allow enough time for the Il-20 aircraft to make it to the safe zone, the Russian Defense Ministry stated.

Israel's Embassy in Moscow has refused to comment on Russian Military's statement on Il-20 crash.
"We deny any involvement," spokesman for the French military Colonel Patrik Steiger said responding to the accusations.

The United States believes that the plane, an Ilyushin Il-20 aircraft, was accidentally shot down by friendly fire from Syrian anti-aircraft artillery, a US official reportedly noted...

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