Monday, September 17, 2018

Syrian port city Latakia 'attacked by missiles from sea' – local media

from RT


Syrian air defenses have engaged missiles targeting the area of Latakia, a city in the coastal province that is the home of Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base. Seven people were reportedly injured in the attack.

Syrian port city Latakia 'attacked by missiles from sea' – local media (VIDEOS)
According to the state SANA news agency, the attack targeted the Technical Industries Agency headquarters in Latakia, owned by the Syrian military. Reports from the area refer to “powerful explosions” heard in the city. According to Syrian military sources, the strikes also targeted a power station and an aluminum factory.

The attack began around 10 pm local time. Photos posted on social media show tracers and missile plumes streaking across the night sky above Latakia, as well as several explosions...

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  1. Ella here. Off topic, but regarding the Rojava project, you can read an interesting propaganda piece from 2017 Rolling Stone Magazine about the American 'anarchists' joining the fight there. Either these guys are complete idiots used as cannon fodder, or the entire story is a fabrication in order to impress young and impressionable minds: