Monday, September 3, 2018

Mint Press News Publishes Regime Change Propaganda about Turkey

Very disappointing seeing this kind of disinformation and trash coming from Mint Press News. This is the same kind of lies we saw being sold by other "alt left" sites in the run-up to the "humanitarian intervention" of Libya.

Mint Press propaganda article

Turkey’s Erdogan calls on global trading partners to smash US dollar’s ‘monopoly’

Turkey will pursue non-dollar transactions in trade: Erdogan


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  1. Hey Scott- just testing the comment section
    are you moderating at this time- wrote up a long one regarding your video and poof it evaporated- I've got it saved, thankfully

  2. trying again:

    Hi Willy,
    So I did some digging on the author of the Mint Press piece
    Jim Carey started something called "Geo- Politics Alert"
    which on the surface APPEARS anti imperial/anti interventionist but is not. Clearly is not.

    "Randi Nord and Jim Carey launched Geopolitics Alert shortly after Russia increased support for the Syrian government in 2015 and the Obama regime was expanding U.S. military involvement across the world. We knew U.S. imperialism would start growing even more rapidly than it had for the past few decades — and under Trump, that’s exactly what’s happened."

    Dig a bit deeper.. and you get the kind of interview your discussing which fits perfectly into the imperialist/interventionist agenda. Selling a boogie man etc.,

    Abdullah Bozkurt.. wrote for Zaman- which is linked to Hizment which is linked to Fetullah Gulen

    Big surprise right?

    When he tells his story of having to flee at the time of the coup- it's not clear why he had to but it should be obvious to all that he was playing a role in fomenting the attempted coup- there was never an arrest warrant issued for him. That's in the article- there was for others, but, not him.

    “when the government issued arrest warrants for over 40 journalists on a single day in late July”

    Arrest warrants for other journalists but no where does he mention an arrest warrant being issued for himself

    Bozkurt believes this was very intentional on the part of the AKP, he speculates that “the failed coup bid was a false flag operation by Erdogan in coordination with his intel and defense chiefs.”

    that's grade A bullshit- clearly the coup was real and Russian and Iranian intervention was what prevented the coup from success- the coup plotters would have come up with a cover story. And isn't it funny, Scott, how 'conspiracy' theories are acceptable when they're sanctioned by the supra state structure? But not when you or I write about 'false flags'

    And now he, Bozkurt, writes for the Stockholm Centre for Freedom"

    "But the noise and chaos never did die down and Bozkurt ended up setting up shop in Sweden where he now leads the Stockholm Center for Freedom,"

    That's a huge, huge, huge red flag...
    Wrote about them just a couple of weeks ago

    quoting from that post- there are external links embedded
    btw- you'll notice anti war -jason ditz was also pushing this same ngo's garbage at that time. As was, unsurprisingly, zero hedge.

    "Digression, but, related:
    The news (?) regarding Turkey wanting to raid Incirlik (which was posted all over the place including but not limited to Zero Hedge, as spun by Jason Ditz ,of the extremely questionable Anti-war) that originated with the "Stockholm Centre for Freedom" is extremely dubious.
    I wrote in that post:

    "According to the report, lawyers working for the the Association for Social Justice and Aid (Toplumsal Adalet ve Yardimlasma Dernegi in Turkish, or TAY-DER), a front NGO that was set up on June 15, 2016."

    A Front NGO for who or what? Click the link provided for Tay-Der (above) and you go where??? Directly to another page from the Stockholm Centre! Making an initial claim backed up their own previous claim? All the while providing no proof for any of their assertions
    Stockholm Centre for Freedom is spooky. Or questionable. With an "about us" that is vague. And that's being kind."

    5 eyes alt and 5 eyes msm it's hard to tell them apart...

  3. very nice work Penny. Yeah, I remember writing about Today's Zaman a couple years ago. I think I found they were heavily pro-Gulen. Notice in the article Bozkurt talks about the Gulen schools with reverence. I did not know that about Zeo Hedge though. I have my problems with them (and yes, it is a "them" and not "him") over the past couple of years. Definitely controlled opposition. I just happened to have posted a link to a story they did about Russia bombing Idlib this morning.

    1. might as well say that the reporter Bozkurt and the Mint interview/er Carey are Operation Mockingbird- CIA pushing the narrative via the alternative 5 eyes

      at least that's how I see it ..
      ttyl Scott!