Monday, September 10, 2018

Jamarl Thomas is Promoting Neocon Greater Kurdistan Project

After a whole 5 hours of research, Jamarl Thomas promotes the idea that the Kurds need their own homeland. Of course, you gotta bust off pieces of 4 nations to give it to them and Barzani Kurdistan in Iraq is one of the most corrupt places on earth. Also of note, Jamarl finally figures out Israel has been funding terrorists in Syria and he calls them out for it. Guess who Israel also supports?

Jamarl Thomas' pro-Greater Kurdistan video

Greater Kurdistan: A Work in Progress Brought to You by NATO, President Peace Prize and… Israel

Petraeus, Zakheim and Barzani – Laying the Groundwork for a Bigger and More Corrupt Kurdistan at the Sulaimani Forum

State Department: “Assad Regime is the Root of All Evil” in Syria Because He Stands in the Way of Greater Kurdistan

Turkish - Kurdish conflict

March 2016 Ankara bombing

Turkey PM blames PKK for car bomb that killed 13 soldiers on bus

Col. Ralph Peters of "Blood Borders" & Greater Kurdistan Project, Resigns Fox in a Huff Over Trump


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