Friday, September 28, 2018

The Kavanaugh Bargain

Now that they have brought the glorious FBI into the equation, you have to ask yourself if there might be some kind of negotiation taking place behind the scenes which revolves around the Carter Page FISA court application and all those Comey, McCabe and Strzok emails Trump wanted released.

After all, the Anita Hill testimony ended in "compromise" so why not Dr. Ford's?


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  1. Scott,

    I just found out that my blog, HeavyWaterGate (which features your 9/11 demolition work) has been suspended by WordPress. I did upload copyrighted books -- maybe that's the reason it was taken down.

    I have a copy of all blog entries (since I adapted them from my other writings), including my summary of your demolition hypothesis. It's not a big loss, but it's disappointing.

    1. also sorry for replying off topic.

    2. Hi David. Very sorry to hear that. I'm very sorry. Have you appealed the decision? You know, I doubt it was really about copyrighted material. Did you see that Reddit "quarantined" their 9/11 Truth subReddit? Looks to me like these folks are really trying to scrub the interwebs of certain types of content in order to remake the history of the Global War OF Terror.

    3. Please keep us updated as to where you go, if you decide to start up another blog.

  2. Thanks Scott :)

    I didn't appeal the decision yet. But I'll ask wordpress what the reason for suspension was. Funny thing, I imported the xml file to a new wordpress blog, and it was suspended before the upload could finish. How suspicious...

    I've started up a new blog, still active as of 9pm EDT.

    Now I'm manually copy-pasting (rather than xml import) my blog entries to avoid any trigger suspensions. I have my summary of your 9/11 hypothesis on there already :)

    Yeah, I saw the admins quarantined 911truth. This means services like can no longer save threads. It'll only see the quarantine warning page, rather than the thread itself. Isolate your target, then censor him, then destroy.

    Thanks for your kind words, and keep up the good fight.