Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Russian IL-20 Military Aircraft Shot Down During Israeli Attack on Latakia

Russia and Turkey came up with a brilliant solution to deescalate the growing tensions around Idlib that threatened to explode into WWIII. Hours after announcing their plan, the Israelis attacked Syria in such a way as to put a Russian plane right in the middle of the attack.


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  1. Hey Scott:
    Do you understand now why I had stated Idlib would be different?
    It has to be.

  2. well, as I stated previously, they had intended to go in and irradicate the problem, that's why they dropped leaflets on the area a week ago. Thats why they sent all those weapons and soldiers to the border area. But... like I said... the US and the rest of the coalition of the willing built up power in the Mediterranean and were openly saying they would attack if Russian and Syrian forces did ANYTHING to their terrorists in Idlib, with or without a faked chemical weapons attack. So, Like I said, the decision to do it this way was made between Putin and Erdogan two days ago.

    1. I concur- this agreement was made ahead of the announcement I would suggest that it was made at the trilateral summit in Iran-

  3. for the record, here is an article talking about the massive buildup of NATO forces in the Med. https://www.fort-russ.com/2018/09/nato-warships-amassed-by-syria-just-before-attack-on-lattakia/