Monday, September 24, 2018

What you are Not Being Told about the Susan Rice “unmasking” Story: It Wasn’t Incidental Collection Damn It

by Scott Creighton (archived repost from April 4, 2017 )

UPDATE: Don Lemon on CNN last night told his viewers to “ignore” the stories about Susan Rice spying. As if we expected anything different from that sycophantic asshat.

UPDATE:Rice’s interest in the intelligence docs accelerated after Trump’s election in November, lasting through January.”

Today on Morning Joe (that callus echo chamber of neoliberal “centrist” apologists who openly admit their job is to control what you think) all the angry declarations of Trump “lying” about being “wiretapped’ are gone. Not a word of “mea culpa”. Not a single apology. Not a moment of reflection about how they jumped to conclusions and ran with an assumption because it suited their personal ideologies and those of their owners. None of that took place.

But they did have to admit that Susan Rice behaved in a potentially illegal manner and they did say it was “troubling” that an administration would use the powers given to them in such a manner because of course, in the future, Trump himself might do it.

They spoke about Rice’s unmasking and dissemination of classified data with the somber tones one would expect from a group of people who just had to admit they were completely wrong for the past month and then, like a light turning on in a dark basement, they all turned gleeful when they started talking about Eric Prince meeting with some Arab someplace because, according to the thought controllers, that means Trump works for Putin.

And all was right again the world of Morning Joe.

I am so sick of people couching the discussions about “unmasked” American Citizen One’s communications in terms of the collection of that private information being justified because it was “incidental collection”

It was not.

We know that Clapper and Brennan have already gone on record saying there is, to their knowledge, no evidence of Russia colluding with Trump officials before or after the election. We also know the BS dossier put together by that British spook has already been proven to be factually inaccurate as well as patently ridiculous and paid for by Clinton campaign officials.

We know that there is not one scintilla of evidence published so far that proves the Russians interfered with our election process in 2016 apart from the ridiculous statements made about RT covering legitimate news during the campaign.

We know Russia is NOT RESPONSIBLE for Hillary Clinton’s loss. They did not hack Podesta’s emails, they did not release scores of Hillary’s hidden emails and they did not hack the DNC servers to expose the corruption there either. That was a leak from an insider… a guy who ended up shot twice in the head in D.C. in a “robbery gone bad”… meaning there was no robbery and it was a hit.
The DNC knew there was no Russian hacking. That’s why they didn’t let the FBI examine their servers. They hired a corrupt private company to fabricate “evidence” of Russian hacking instead.

We as consumers of real news know all of this and we knew it then as well.  We knew about Guccifer. We knew about Guccifer 2.0 and DCLeaks and Wikipedia and Hillary’s illegal server and her lying about it constantly. We knew about James Comey giving Hillary a pass on her criminality and lying and we know he eventually gave her an even bigger pass when Anthony Weiner handed over her back-up laptop in order to keep himself out of prison.

We knew all of this stuff as it unfolded. Do you think the intelligence services didn’t know?
Of course they knew.

So … why was this “Russian hacking our election” investigation still going on?

In order to understand an event you have to look at the context of the time in which it happened.
What was going on right after the election in the early days of the Trump transition that everyone AND I MEAN EVERYONE is forgetting?

John Podesta was running a multi-pronged effort to de-legitimize the election results so that Hillary Clinton would end up being declared the winner. That’s why they got California’s state attorney general to pad the numbers of Clinton votes so that they could say she won the popular vote. That’s why he basically hired Jill Stein to challenge the election results in only 3 states so they could do a partial recount in those key states with the hope they could negate their Electoral College votes, which would ultimately cost Trump the election.

In the end, the Clinton people were BEGGING Electoral College voters to WITHHOLD their votes from Trump on Dec. 19, 2016 when the election results became official.

Remember, at that time they were doing everything they could to discredit the election results as well as the candidate who won. They were desperate to change the results before they became official.

And THAT is the climate that Susan Rice was working under when this “incidental collection” took place. That is the climate during which the unmasking of Trump campaign and transition officials occurred.

They were literally looking for anything they could use to sway Electoral College voters from casting their votes for the winning candidate. Looking for anything they could find to help turn the population against him and his team so that they could do it without causing too many riots across the nation.

It was not incidental collection. They knew damn well there were no Russian boogie-men hacking our election process. That’s a myth spoon-fed to simpletons for political purposes.

Stop tolerating the repetition of this foundational lie when you hear it. They were illegally using the tools of the surveillance state in hopes they could change the course of American history and install Hillary Clinton in the White House as the masters of the universe had wanted all along. They found nothing of consequence to use to that end and now they are being exposed for having done it.

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