Monday, September 24, 2018

Loners Without Illusions | Part 3 of ISOLATION: Or, The Art of Being Imperially Alone

"In this upside down world of ours the people who are most conspicuously rewarded are those who seem least deserving of rewards. 

The warmongering beneficiaries of the Deep State.  The mercenary saboteurs of democracy in Washington. The loudmouthed TV pundits spreading their soul destroying bullshit on the evening news. The billionaire hedge fund managers and Fortune 500 CEOs who pay a lower tax rate on their income than secretaries and teachers.

Ask yourself this: would you be willing to take a stand against those assholes when you are sure that almost no one would care?

Would you still take that stand if you knew you would be shunned and made to look like a fool?

Would you take that stand if you knew it might jeopardize your career, compromise your ability to earn a living?

Would you do it if you thought there was a good chance you might just end up broke and alone?

Think about that and then realize things will only get worse until the majority of people on earth are ready to take that stand.

I know what my gift is... and I am giving it away here"

Derek Swannson from Part Two of Isolation

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