Wednesday, September 12, 2018

‘Something big is coming’: French aid worker in Aleppo says Syrians bracing for US attack

from RT

A major US military escalation in Syria would be “based on lies” and will have “terrible” consequences for Syrians, a French aid worker in Aleppo told RT, adding that Washington seems determined to prolong the war at any cost.

Pierre Le Corf, the founder of the NGO ‘We Are Superheroes’, has lived for nearly three years in Aleppo – but he said that Western governments, including his home country of France, have provided a distorted picture of the reality on the ground.

“In Aleppo, people are trying to rebuild their lives, and they need to believe that [the war] is over. But we know that something big is coming,” he told RT when asked about Washington’s repeated threats of military action if the Syrian Army attempts to recapture Idlib province, the last Al-Qaeda stronghold in the country.

He said that the United States and its allies were using humanitarian concerns as a pretense for prolonging the bloody, seven-year conflict, adding that a major US military escalation in the country would be “based on lies” and would be “terrible for all Syrians.”
“What may happen may be catastrophic,” he said...

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  1. Hey Nomad!
    Nikki Haley has stated any attack on Idlib will garner a 'response' from the US. I've stated repeated that the biggest beneficiary from an attack on Idlib will be the US and their Kurdish proxies- Right about now Turkey's looking to be more sane then insane America- Of course they'll be attacked if the US does move on Idlib- and they know it