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Tyler Drumheller, Partner of Sidney Blumenthal in Libya and Author of All That Intel, Died of Cancer Before He Could Testify Before Benghazi Commission

by Scott Creighton (archive post from Oct. 23 2015)
I will get into how disappointing and utterly depressing Hillary’s Benghazi Commission testimony really was in a little while. Let’s just say it has to do with a great deal more than the deaths of “4 patriotic and brave Americans serving our national interests”
And it certainly isn’t about politics or a pathetic, rigged freak-show of an election.
Right now I would simply like to shed a little light on yet another potential troublemaker for the Clinton dynasty who just happened to die of cancer right before he could be a problem.
The list of folks like that, people who kick the bucket before a testimony having to do with Hillary, seems to get longer every year, doesn’t it?
Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the chairman of the Benghazi committee, had previously indicated that he might force Drumheller to testify in his panel. The Hill, Aug. 7, 2015
The Benghazi committee’s questioning of Hillary Clinton yesterday was, to say the least, extremely disappointing.
No one delved into the fact that the White House repeatedly lied about Muammar Gaddafi “bombing” his citizens in Benghazi or how they claimed with no evidence at all that he “planned’ to commit genocide against his own people. That was never brought up during the testimony and therefore tacitly accepted as a given fact. It was a lie.
No one mentioned the fact that the Benghazi compound had been used to re-purpose Libyan weapons to be sent to our CIA-backed terrorist “rebels” in Syria or the fact that there in a DOD internal memo which makes that point painfully clear.
No one mentioned how Hillary deliberately set out to garner support from the Germans and the French and the Arab League in her pursuit of brutal regime change in Libya at all costs.
And when they did show the psychotic reaction Hillary Clinton gave during an interview (“We came. We saw. He died. hee hee hee”) it appears either MSNBC nixed the audio track of it during their live broadcast of the testimony or they did it themselves in the room. Either way, the massive audience of the live broadcast at MSNBC didn’t hear how pathological Hillary Clinton really is and the glee she took in the extrajudicial murder of a beloved leader of another country that never once attacked us and certainly didn’t in 2011 when Hillary started her color revolution over there.
There was nothing said about how we destroyed that country, how we turned a “no fly zone” mandate from the UNSC into a bombing campaign killing thousands of Libyans and decimating their civilian infrastructure in the process.
Not a single word.
Mass murder and the crime of committing a war of aggression against a sovereign state never factored into the discussion. Not once.
Also not mentioned once was HOW those Sidney Blumenthal emails became a part of the national discussion of Hillary Clinton.
For those of you who can recall, Hillary didn’t simply hand them over to the State Department… a hacker named Gruccifer stole them from Blumenthal and released them to several media outlets. That’s how they became part of the discussion of Libya and the Benghazi attack.
The dispatches from Blumenthal to Clinton’s private email address were posted online after Blumenthal’s account was hacked in 2013 by Romanian hacker Marcel-Lehel Lazar, who went by the name Guccifer. Lazar also broke into accounts belonging to George W. Bush’s sister, Colin Powell, and others. He’s now serving a seven-year sentence in his home country and was charged in a U.S. indictment last year.
The contents of the memos, which have recently become the subject of speculation in the right-wing media, raise new questions about how Clinton used her private email account and whether she tapped into an undisclosed back channel for information on Libya’s crisis and other foreign policy matters. Gawker, March 2015
These are the ones that still existed. God knows how many Hillary’s lawyers decided to destroy before turning others over to the State Department. I guess that is the ultimate advantage of hosting her email servers on her own personal equipment rather than on one controlled by the State Department.
In those emails a truth was made clear: her long time hatchet man, Sidney Blumenthal, was running around in Libya with two shady characters, Tyler Drumheller and David L. Grange, in an effort to take full advantage of the chaos created by Clinton’s demolition of the country.
Mr. White declined to answer follow-up questions about what role Mr. Blumenthal was playing in the business venture. But Mr. Grange described Mr. Blumenthal as an adviser to Mr. White’s company, along with two other associates: Tyler Drumheller, a colorful former Central Intelligence Agency official, and Cody Shearer, a longtime Clinton friend.
“I just know that he was working with the team to work on business development,” Mr. Grange said of Mr. Blumenthal.
In the spring of 2011, Mr. Blumenthal, Mr. Drumheller and Mr. Shearer were helping plan what was to be Mr. Grange’s first trip to Libya, according to emails stolen by a Romanian hacker and published by Gawker and ProPublica in March. Mr. Blumenthal said he had been advised not to comment on the correspondence because the theft remained under investigation by the F.B.I. New York Times
So exactly who was looking to turn a profit in the chaos created by Hillary Clinton’s illegal destruction of Libya?
As they were moving around the country in the days and weeks leading up to the Benghazi attack, Sidney’s communications with Hillary increased. Some 170 or so emails from Sidney to Hillary are now on the record, but God only knows how many more were destroyed by her lawyers.
Sidney Blumenthal was brought in to testify before the Benghazi commission back in June of this year. His testimony was closed to the public and the transcripts of his testimony have not been released.
Afterwards, when the leadership of the commission understood the intel being given to Clinton through Blumenthal was actually coming from Tyler Drumheller, they decided they were going to force him to appear before them as well. In fact Sidney says he was merely copying and pasting the memos straight from Tyler’s work:
Blumenthal, subpoenaed by the committee, also did not verify any of the intelligence he forwarded to the nation’s top diplomat. Instead, Blumenthal was copying and pasting memos from Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA operative who was looking into a Libya-related business venture, and sending them to Clinton, two people familiar with his testimony told POLITICO. Politico
So yes, the commission really wanted to talk to Tyler Drumheller about where he was getting his intel and why he was down there, unofficially, digging it up.
But a funny thing happened on the way to the Benghazi hearings:
A former CIA officer who contested the spy agency’s intelligence about Iraq and authored controversial emails about the 2012 attack on Benghazi, Libya, has passed away.
Tyler Drumheller died on Aug. 2 from complications from pancreatic cancer, The Washington Post reported on Thursday evening. He was 63 years old. The Hill
Drumheller had a well documented and very public falling out with CIA leadership after 9/11 and helped expose the lies the Bush administration told to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003.
He certainly wasn’t a man to be trusted by TPTB to say the right thing and stick to the story-line with regards to Benghazi like someone like Sidney Blumenthal could be trusted.
What is not clear is exactly how long Tyler Drumheller suffered from pancreatic cancer. I imagine it’s safe too say he was not suffering from it while running around in Libya back in 2012 and 2011. But I don’t know. No one mentions that curious bit of important information when discussing the death of Tyler Drumheller right before he was about to be called to testify before the Benghazi commission.
And of course Hillary is still the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination as she celebrated her “victory” over the investigators yesterday (pay attention… I think that is one of the family members of one of the dead Americans sitting there watching Hillary high-five herself in congress)
Let me just add this in here for the record:
“Radiation poisoning from polonium-210 looks like the end stage of cancer” CNN
Cancer has been used as a weapon by the CIA for many many years. A number of foreign leaders have been thought to have been eliminated by the CIA through the use of cancer.
Our clandestine services use it, the KGB used to use it. It makes for a convenient way to dispose of a problem without drawing too much unwanted attention to that problem’s removal.
Now I’m not saying for a fact, Tyler Drumheller was offed by the CIA or Clinton’s Globalist Initiative or Sidney Blumenthal or anything like that.
But you have to admit, it’s awfully convenient for the guy to be placed on the “out of service” shelf right before being dragged into the Benghazi commission to talk about what he and Sidney Blumenthal were really doing on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Libya during the lead-up to the Benghazi attack.
Especially when you consider the guy has a track record of not always toeing the party line when it comes to the CIA and clandestine operations overseas.
Either way you look at it, that line of inquiry is dead on arrival and all we have left to tell the real story of Hillary Clinton’s Blumenthal Trio is Sid and Nancy (Hillary) and if you believe anything they tell you… you’re an idiot.

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