Monday, October 8, 2018

Americans Have No Say Over How They’re Governed

by Stephen Lendmen from his blog, here

Democracy in America is pure fantasy, the way it’s been from inception. Self-serving privileged interests run things. It’s never been any other way.

Ordinary people have no say whatever. Voting is a waste of time when results always turn out the same way. Governance by both right wings of America’s one-party state largely ignores what matters to them most.

Polls show public opinion overwhelmingly opposed to endless wars, other military interventionism, and military aid to other countries. 

Israel is by far the largest recipient, funds received used for aggression and state terror, not defense. The same goes for Egypt, Colombia, and other recipient countries.

A poll last November by J. Wallin Opinion Research showed over 86% of respondents against foreign military interventions – 57% calling military aid abroad counterproductive...

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