Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Thanks to Don Lemon of CNN I Now Have the Most Terrifying Halloween Costume of 2018

 I don't have a Halloween costume yet!
"We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them." Don Lemon
Problem solved

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  1. So funny ! and the wombat or whatever that was....
    That was a 'racist' statement made by that man and demonizing....
    guess he was talking about the senators and reps. who vote to kill people and raid other nations.... most of them are white men

  2. Scott, I'm concerned that you may be gravitating towards identity politics, only from the white nationalist angle. Between this post and your apologia towards Gab (have you seen the people there?) on Twitter, I don't know what you're thinking. I hope there is nothing more than joking and simple free speech advocacy to this (Gavín McInnes is legally entitled to not being censored, but his content is still rubbish).

  3. If you're white and a nationalist- proud of your nation then you're a pejorative "white nationalist"

    What's wrong with this presentation?- Of course it's the divisive identity politics!!!!!

    What's interesting is that white people are among the worst promoters of identity politics against themselves... when the vast majority, and by that I mean 99.99999 percent of white people are the victims of the elites... same as anyone else.

    The idiot in the video says the white man is the most terrifying thing in the country but we have to stop demonizing people- Notice the contradiction?
    Cognitive dissonance much?

    This is absurd- and sadly white people, the biggest self haters on the planet, eat this stuff up. Thanks to the endless promotion vying the always perception managing media.

    My grandfather was a little white slave brought over to Canada to work, yes, work at the age of 8 years old. In what has to be one of the most covered up, hidden abuses of white persons that went on for decades and these modern times (so called)

    Boys and Girls, mere children stolen from their families and forced into hard labour...

    Of course it doesn't fit the narrative of bad white man, poor put upon black person-

    But truth is truth and it's appalling to listen to such presentations

    No one here in Canada has ever apologized to the families of these children- white as we are- for the horrendous abuses our loved one suffered.

    You know why there has been no apology?
    Because no one has made such a fuss about it that not one government has felt it necessary to do.

    Others went to Australia. Some may have been shipped to the US-

    100,000s of thousands of white children- that don't matter at all to anyone- anywhere

    it's unknown what the actual numbers are- because really- it was state sanctioned slavery- done through 'charitable' agencies and no one cared then- still don't now

  4. a few of my ancestors were Irish indentured slaves brought over by the English.... many Irish were slaves in America.
    And who complains about the black Africans who enslaved other Black Africans and sold them to English ships?
    And working for min wage is a form of slavery now... whites, blacks, browns.... mostly poor people.. pushed down to their knees by a handful of 'masters'.
    the best way to keep the poor obedient is to separate them through distrust of each other.

    1. "the best way to keep the poor obedient is to separate them through distrust of each other."

      exactly, my point!

      In the link I'd left for scott's readers, my grandfather is listed!
      It makes me feel really sad, knowing how poorly he was treated, how he never saw his family again.
      I have a copy of his enslavement contract- just one of them- his last one.
      How I never even met him because he died so young thanks to a lifetime of hardship and poverty.

      In the bigger picture how many of these young white children were abused, and treated like garbage and thieves and the young girls were often raped- Awful stuff.

      And worse of all no one gives a 'shit' cause he and all the others like him were white. As are his descendants.

      I suspect anonymous that is something you can relate to and understand?