Saturday, October 20, 2018

Understatement of the Week: Khashoggi Meeting in Turkey "Escalated Negatively" Says Saudi Foreign Ministry

Here is a contender for the understatement of the month award.

my article

David Mizner Tweet

Middle East Eye article


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  1. Hey Scott:
    Read the article and am listening presently
    So, did the Americans give the Saudi's a list of who was out so they could get their assets in?
    I suspect as much.

  2. good morning scott!
    not sure if you are aware of this news?
    In may of this year there was a reported attack on MBS
    In his compound- It was a sustained attack
    Afterwards MBS was missing in action.

    there are additional reports that MBS stay's hidden on his yacht in Jeddah...

    the recent visit by Pompeo to MBS was not in front of the camera (saw a news article to that affect) video footage of his visit shows him wearing a red tie with MBS but a blue tie when
    he is leaving (if the visit was not in front of the cameras then that had to have been old footage- also the different colour tie is a tip off.

    this info came from fellow blogger Yaya
    info regarding hiding out on yacht came from another commenter

    "Saudi Arabia's ambitious new crown prince is reportedly hiding out on his superyacht, 'fearing for his security'
    Sept 24/2018

    and Khashoggi enters the consulate October 2? about a week after this news is reported?