Friday, October 26, 2018

X-rays Show Wires Weren't Connected to Timers

by Scott Creighton

Take a look at these images.

First one is one of the fake bombs as it was when it came out of the package and someone figured they had plenty of time to take a few pictures of it sitting on their desk.

Notice the heavy-gauge wire goes behind the electric tape on the pipe itself and then goes underneath and behind the timer (which appears to be broken)

They are clearly too thick a wire to easily connect to anything on the small circuit board in that clock and as you can see they go under the electric tape and behind the clock.

Now look at the x-ray.

The x-ray shows the thick wire going behind the clock and terminating on nothing. It's just square-cut and stuck behind the timer.

Here is a closer look.

 The wires have not been stripped on the ends. They are just stuck behind the clock.

These are clearly hoax devices.

This whole thing has been done to demonize people who speak out against the official narratives of the kinds of people who supposedly received these mock-bombs.


  1. Latest wrinkle on this- now they are saying that Sayoc was a Parkland "truther" and had harassed David Hogg on twitter. This supports the "conspiracy theorists are dangerous" trope.

    Anon. X.

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