Sunday, October 21, 2018

NASA Admits We Never Went to the Moon (Better Mankind video)


  1. Hi Scott:

    Did you have trouble with "Blogger" today? I'm finding it painfully slow. Regarding the Lunar Hoax aka the biggest distraction the West has ever perpetrated...what percentage of the US population do you think still believes the hoax? I say less than 30%. You would have to have below average intelligence to still think that man went to the moon in that "black and white TV" "rotary dial phone"...era.

  2. Scott,

    I don't believe for a minute that "we" went to the Moon (and back) with 1969 tech. "Apollo" was the biggest "psyop" of all time. But this video fails to debunk that psyop with its "Thermosphere" argument... because whatever temperature the attenuated gases reach at that altitude, the heat is very poorly conducted:

    "Despite the high temperature, an observer or object will experience cold temperatures in the thermosphere, because the extremely low density of gas (practically a hard vacuum) is insufficient for the molecules to conduct heat."

    Any knowledgeable Apollo Believer will quickly turn this video's argument against you; is the video maker absolutely trustworthy?