Thursday, October 11, 2018

This Week Exposes Israel's Major Influence Over Trump Administration

During the Obama years, Israel got away with carrying out 3 major attacks on the people of Gaza killing thousands of civilians, many of them children. So Trump isn't alone in his unwavering support of the reactionary Likud Party, but he certainly isn't in good company either.

IDF thanks Nikki for her service

Bibi thanks Nikki for her service

Nikki walks out rather than listen to a Palestinian

Nikki begs folks to blame Hamas

Pompeo wins Scoop Jackson neocon Dem award

Heather gets mad if you ask her about Israel mistreating US citizens

Lavrov rejects Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

Team Trump approached Israelis for help with campaign

Bolsonaro wipes Palestine from history

Bolton wipes Palestine from history

White House terminates 1955 Treaty of Amity

manufactured hero to speak at Israeli conference along with Mossad head


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  1. I keep hearing 'The great pretenders'.... as I read about Israel... they pretend to believe in God and our US government, yet they murder people, steal land, and say that 'gentiles' are not human,, they are like dogs'.....
    so why do we arm our service men to die and fight for Israel? Are we 'pretenders' also? What kind of sickness are we dying with?