Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Brazil’s Zionist Presidential Candidate Threatens to Cut Ties with Palestine

from Fort Russ

The federal deputy and presidential candidate  of the Social Liberal Party (PSL), Jair Bolsonaro, generated controversy this week in saying that if elected, he intends to have the Embassy of Palestine withdrawn from Brazil, since he does not consider Palestine a country.
Bolsonaro’s statement contradicts the fact that Brazil recognized Palestine as an independent state in 2010.

According to the politician, who has repeatedly defended the rapprochement of Brazil with Israel, the installation of the Palestinian diplomatic building in the federal capital in 2016 was the result of negotiations by ex-President Rousseff with “terrorists” in a kind of “pull.”

“Dilma negotiated with Palestine and not with the people there. You do not negotiate with a terrorist, so that embassy on the side of the Palace, there is no area for that,” said the deputy, as quoted by Estadão.

Outraged at the statements made by the deputy in relation to his country of origin, the president of the Arab-Brazilian Cultural Center, businessman Ahmed Ramadan, said in an interview that the position of the PSL candidate in relation to Palestine clearly reflects the Israeli influence of his candidacy, a clear exchange of interests...

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