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The Latest North Korean “Crisis” – Brought to you by your friends at Lockheed Martin “We’re CRUSHING Peace for Profit”

by Scott Creighton (archived from Aug. 10, 2017)

Back in May of this year, Moon Jae-in won a presidential election in South Korea and took office. He campaigned on the radical idea that maybe the people of his nation would be better off if they normalized relations with the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK or “North Korea” and pursued the Sunshine Policy the previous corrupt president of South Korea turned her back on at the behest of America and her “national interests”

The previous corrupt president was kicked out of office for being corrupt but before she left she cut a deal to stick another THAAD missile defense system in her country, a deal that promised HUGE profits for Lockheed Martin, the company that manufactures them.

But when Moon took over, he put those plans on hold (as we knew he would) and the pundits, the bought off generals (both ours and South Korea’s) and the CIA (via their Mockingbirds in the MSM) started their latest round of destabilization/aggression toward the DPRK in an effort to turn up the heat on the Korean peninsula, defeat the dreaded idea of peace in the region and force Moon to acquiesce to the wishes of the glorious Military Industrial Complex. Lockheed’s website on the THAAD system says “We’re engineering a better tomorrow” and shows a missile blowing something up. Engineering a better tomorrow… with high explosives.
The decision to deploy the THAAD system was made under the previous South Korean government, led by President Park Geun-hye before a scandal in late-2016 led to her eventual impeachment and imprisonment. Moon Jae-in, the current president of South Korea, had opposed the THAAD system as an opposition leader but softened his position in early 2017 before running for the presidency in an early election.
The first THAAD launchers were declared operational in South Korea in early May 2017, days before the presidential election. Shortly after his election, Moon decided to delay the deployment of an additional four launchers pending an environmental assessment of the site where the launchers are to be deployed. Moon’s decision came after it emerged that the South Korean military had gone around his office to pursue a full deployment. The Diplomat Aug. 8, 2017
Eventually Moon gave in and agreed to buy the damn billion dollar system (which hardly works) and “temporarily deploy it” on a golf course in South Korea after the much ballyhooed July 28th “ICBM” launch but he couched that agreement to his crooked generals and our “national interests” with a caveat: there had to be an environmental impact survey done first.
In June, South Korean President Moon Jae-in suspended further installation of the $923 million Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, pending a full review. That move was welcomed by China, who vehemently opposes the technology. And even as Kim Jong-un’s regime threatens “merciless blows” to its enemies, Seoul isn’t expected to shift its stance.
That’s because the American hardware carries emotional political baggage for South Koreans, Jenna Gibson, director of communications at the Korea Economic Institute of America, wrote in a note published this week by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “THAAD is not about China, or even the U.S. — it is about scandal-ridden former President Park Geun-hye.” CNBC JULY 26
Over the last few days Trump and his crony Glorious Generals have been puffing themselves up making all kinds of outlandish statements about dropping hellfire and brimstone (or whatever idiotic thing he said) on North Korea. So of course, they responded in kind, as Trump’s Lockheed Martin-owned Glorious Generals expected. Naturally they said they are putting together military options for retaliation if they are struck by President Cheeto. One of the targets they mentioned, understandable, would be military bases in Guam.

And that was all it took for Lockheed Martin to get their friends in the complicit media to harp on Kim Jung Un threatening to attack Guam with 4 rockets of DOOM!!! “DOOM I SAY!!!” Brian Williams

Why did they focus on Guam? Why not the DPRK’s planning on striking our other bases all over the region?

Maybe we should look at a map.

Yes, the threat to Guam is the perfect justification to force South Korea’s president to hurry up and cut that check to Lockheed Martin and get that system up and running before “crazy” Un launches 4 rockets over that golf course on route to our bases in Guam.

Funny thing is… this latest provocation from our glorious national interests is having the exact OPPOSITE effect:

“The South Korean government on Thursday postponed a formal environmental survey on the the advanced U.S. missile defense system deployed in a southern town due to a fierce protest by local residents and activists.” Yonhap News Aug. 10
The South Korean government on Thursday postponed its plan to conduct a comprehensive environmental survey of a US anti-missile system deployed in Seongju, due to strong resistance from local residents and adverse weather conditions.” Korea Herold Aug. 10

“South Korea has delayed the measurement of electromagnetic wave and noise near the site where the Thaad anti-missile system is deployed.
The postponement came amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula, with North Korea threatening to launch a missile towards United States territory of Guam. This was in response to US President Donald Trump’s warning to unleash “fire and fury” on the North.” Straits Times Aug 10
You would have to be a moron to think they postponed the testing due to bad weather or a couple dozen protesters.
Fact is, China is very much opposed to U.S. “national interests” sticking THAAD systems all over the region and by postponing the tests which are required by law before their deployment, it looks like the South Korean president is signalling to Kim Jung Un that he wants to turn down the temperature of the conflict a couple notches.
Of course, all the crazy talk coming from the White House about dropping fire at little Asian people in North Korea, though it might be a little insensitive coming around the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and Aug 9 respectively), it has been HIGHLY PROFITABLE for… wait for it… Lockheed Martin.
Yep. Look at that. Turning a potential loss in profits into a win-win-win for the boys of war. Can’t beat that with a dead mother’s burnt arm, can you?

On Aug. 6 of this year, right before this latest round of destabilization rhetoric began, a Rand Corp warmonger had an Op-Ed published on one of South Korea’s complicit media sites telling the new president he better get with the program and let Lockheed Martin stick another billion dollar THAAD system on that golf course.

Just yesterday the CIA’s Washington Post published some more bullshit about Un’s “miniaturized nuclear warheads” brought to you by secret “intelligence” assets via their “secret assessment study” based on “secret evidence”

This is all theater.

And like modern day theater, it’s all brought to you by a sponsor because our neoliberalized government doesn’t fund the arts anymore.. unless it’s the art of war you’re talking about.
And that sponsor just happens to be the military industrial complex titan, Lockheed Martin.

If the South Korean government, the new one not the old corrupt one, continues to delay in the deployment of the THAAD system, you can expect Lockheed Martin’s bought off thugs in the region to take the next logical step… a false flag event of some kind. Scott Rickard, who knows a hell of a lot more about these things than I do, just said as much on the Richie Allen show yesterday.

Lockheed Martin is going to get their money for their glorious rocket system regardless. And they’re going to trample on the hopes of a new lasting peace in Korea in the process. Cus we all know there really is no peace dividend for the for-profit war industry.

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