Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Jamal Khashoggi: A Pawn Removed From or Moved On the Grand Chessboard

I did find an image that supposedly shows him going into the building that day and it shows a black minivan parked outside. Hard to tell who it is but there is that.

new Turkish TV footage

"laying on hands"

list of names

his last interview

Grand Chessboard review

Rebuilding America's defenses


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  1. Hey Scott:

    I'm listening as I type- Al Jazeera walked back from the hit squad story.. And blamed Reuters for starting the rumour.

    " Al-Jazeera has distanced itself from a news item speculating that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered while visiting the Saudi consulate in Turkey."

    "Al-Jazeera Arabic, which had repeated the Reuters story extensively, has acknowledged the claims to be unverified"

    Khashoggi family say they don't know the alleged fiance
    According to what I've read the met just 4 months ago and were going to be married

    I don't believe that narrative at all

    It's possible Khashoggi engineered this episode- for a political agenda that could include ramping up the discord between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    Khashoggi.. is connected to Adnan Kashoggi- arms dealer extraordinaire now gone- billionaire (big time)
    connected to Saudi elites
    Khashoggi travelled with Osama Bin Laden over an 8 year period of time (CIA)
    lives in self imposed exile in US just like that other CIA agent Fetullah Gulen
    And Washington Post which is very CIA mouthpiece-ish

    Turkey is peeved with saudi arabia because they've been smuggling arms to pkk and they're all involved with the US in the alleged 'rebuilding' of Raqqa

    I'm leaning towards this being engineered between US and Saudi elites (certain ones) to sow discord.

    How this will be spun depends on Khashoggi showing up or not.

    I had an article up today talking about the divison

    quoting from that

    "Whether or not the facts come out about what has happened, regional fallout will likely follow, and the existing camps of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, versus Qatar and Turkey are likely to become even more entrenched"

    Who wants the Saudi's and Turkey at each others throat?

    It wasn't Turkey that claimed the guy didn't come out- It was the fiance that notified Turkey of this guys failure to appear