Monday, October 1, 2018

The Forest: Triggered Cannibals Attack My Safe Space Violating My R2P (Right to Pillage)

(Every now and then I do some gaming videos for the fun of it. I don't usually post them on this website but I thought this one was kind of amusing so here it is. Hope you guys like it.)

I go out to hunt some mutants for creepy armor but instead I run into about 15 pissed off cannibals... so I go all "shock and awe" on them.

Then they have the nerve to get pissed off and come back to my house. Damn insurgents!

Haven't they ever heard of Manifest Destiny? R2P? Right to Pillage?

my system:
Acer Nitro 5
processor: quad core I5-8300-H
graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050-Ti
memory: 8gigs DDR4
storage: 256 Intel PCie SSD
external: Seagate Slim 2TB


  1. Nice to see you relaxing w/your favorite pastime, Scott.

  2. Hey, Scott. I can post comments on your blog w/my Chromebook, but not my Chromebase, it seems. Same operating system & browser. What's w/that?

    1. your Chromebase and your Chromebook are going to have two different IP address right? Perhaps Blogspot recognizes the one and not the other. that would be my guess.

    2. If that was the case, then Aunt BB would either be connected to an Internet service provider that gives out a different IP address for every Internet access attempt, or she is using a virtual private network service, which encrypts one's Internet connection, and gives out a different IP address, depending on what VPN server you choose to connect to, both of which wouldn't usually cause issues with accessing websites.

      That said, if for some reason, the above points DO cause issues with this Blogspot site, and an IP change would solve this, then color me surprised, as I've haven't had that issue before. In the meantime though, in your Internet browser, try clearing out your browser cookies/cache/history and then restart your browser and log back into your usual services and see if that solves things.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Blame it on the Russians? ¶=

      Seriously though, I don't know what's with that weird bug that you're experiencing though. Short of shock and awe-ing your Chromebase and implementing regime change on it, I'm not sure what to suggest here as of the time of writing sadly.

    2. Ah crap, the above response is to Aunt BB and her Chrome OS issues BTW

  4. Your game videos are fun to watch! I thought you were going to die in this last one..... so, this video leads to 'ending' the game?

  5. Hi. Yep. There are three more. I am uploading the last one right now.

    The Forest: Climbing Down the Sinkhole to Hunt Mutants
    The Forest: Forgot the Key Card
    The Forest: My Battle With MeganBug (uploading)

    I think you can go here to view them.