Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Beyond Stupid: Offical Version of Khahoggi Killing is Even Dumber Than Skripal Psyop

by Scott Creighton

When even Donald Trump understands that your psyop sucks, you're in bad shape and should probably be fired.
"They had a very bad original concept. It was carried out poorly, and the cover-up was one of the worst in the history of cover-ups. There should have never been an execution or a cover-up, because it should have never happened. I would say it was a total fiasco from day one." President Trump
So lets run back over the official story real quick too see if I have it mapped out correctly.

According to the current version of the narrative:

  • two days after the deadline to purchase THAAD defense system passes, and a week or so after SA buys S-400 system instead, Mohammad bin Salman kills a prominent U.S. resident who works for the CIA's Mockingbird press, the Washington Post and who has extensive long standing ties to the Bush family, the House of Saud, the bin Laden family and various intelligence agencies across the globe.
  • the killing took place 4 weeks before the most important financial conference of the year for SA, the Davos in the Desert meeting.
  • MbS sent his own personal entourage there to kill the guy, a 15-member hit squad to kill one old dude who looks like he couldn't run 15 feet without having a stroke, and they took official Saudi planes to get there using their real passports and IDs upon arrival.
  • Khashoggi figured he might get whacked out so all he did to protect himself is give his phone to his fiancee and turn on his I-watch recording device... so that there would be a record of his brutal abduction, torture and murder. How thoughtful of him.
  • he was there at the Saudi consulate to "sign a paper" related to his upcoming marriage and he never thought to ask about a fax machine or take a lawyer with him or meet in a neutral location for the signing. hmmm.
  • there is a blurry image of a guy walking into the consulate we are told is Khashoggi.
  • the hit squad gets there and listens to music as they whack him out. We are told he was chopped up while alive then we are told he was strangled to death then we are told his hands were cut off (no fingerprints I guess) and then we were told they removed the body from the building.
  •  then we were told there was a recording but no one aside from "undisclosed sources" claims to have heard it. 
  •  the recording supposedly came from his I-watch and we were told inicially that the recording showed his killers noticed it recording and tried to figure out the password to shut it down but could not so they used his fingerprint to gain access to it. The idea of smashing the thing never occurred to them I guess.
  •  then Apple says that feature is not available on I-watches and that story is forgotten for a little while.
  •   Turkey sends in a forensic team and minutes before they get there a cleaning crew arrives. MSM idiots tell us they are there to cover-up the murder. Minutes before the investigators show. Clearly they are there to clean up AFTER the investigators use their chemicals in their investigation, but no one seems to have figured that out.
  • then there is supposedly a body-double who was brought from SA to wear Khashoggi's clothes and walk out the back door of the consulate and wander around Istanbul with his head up and his full head of hair clearly visible to any and all CCTV cameras that might be recording. Somehow this is supposed to prove something.
  • Trump sends CIA's Gina Haspel over to Turkey to blackmail Erdogan supposedly to keep him from exposing "the naked truth" about what happened. It should be noted Bloody Gina has tortured some folks herself and has a history of getting rid of incriminating video evidence after congress ordered said evidence be turned over to them.
  • Erdogan asks the question in public about what happened to the body if a murder REALLY took place and...
  • hours later, Globalist Institution Sky News suddenly has a story about body parts being found in a well in the garden of the consulate general's very own backyard.
  • according to that report, Khashoggi's face had been "disfigured" so positive ID will not be forthcoming
Did I miss anything?

This is the dumbest international spy story I have heard since the Skripal case. And here is why:
  • if they were going to kill this man for no apparent reason, why do it right before their big meeting, Davos in the Desert? They had to know it would not go unnoticed and they had to know it would mean the possibility of sanctions being imposed on them which would NULLIFY any contracts signed during the important event.
  • as is often the case with the American Gladio events of yesteryear, one has to ask "what is the motive?" and in this case, as with almost every single one of the Gladio events, there simply is none.
  • no one in the kingdom cared about Khashoggi calling for MbS' removal from office due to his dragging his feet on the Vision 2030 plan, which was Jamal's major concern with MbS. And it was also the major concern with our oligarchs BTW
  • so why kill him at such a totally inopportune time?
  • why send 15 men to do a job one guy already in Turkey could do instead? The Saudis run Wahhabist terrorist who are staged in places like Jordan, Syria and Turkey. So why not have one of them take him out if they knew when he was going to be at the consulate? And why send a team that is essentially the same size as an NBA basketball team? It makes no sense.
  • more likely, the 15 person team sent to the consulate were there to make ready a trip MbS may have been planning to meet with Erdogan, which would be something our Deep State certainly would NOT want too see happen. Right?
  • "At least 12 members of the Saudi team are connected to Saudi security services, and several have links to Mohammed, according to a review of passport records, social media, local media reports and other material." Washington Post
  • US surveillance could easily have picked up plans for the Saudis to make ready a trip for MbS to Turkey and decided to use that as cover for an event. The huge size of the team and the fact that most are known to be well connected to MbS security staff gives away their actual intentions. A medical professional would also be sent in order to ensure proper care for MbS in the event of a medical emergency.
  • we are told the Saudis had a cover-up crew show up minutes before the Turkish investigation team got to the consulate but why just minutes before and why bring them in the front door? They do have a back door and a less obvious entrance. Truth is, they were there to clean up after the event which should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.
  • we are told a "body double" was sent so they could whisk him out the back door. He's taller than Khashoggi and the only images of him walking down a random street in Istanbul make it difficult to determine the color of his jacket. he is wearing different shoes for some reason and has a full head of hair. And this is the best they can do? Never heard of razors? Why walk him out the back and not the front door with his head shaved, the right shoes on and his face down turned a bit to avoid the cameras? It makes no sense. More likely Turkish intel used CCTV footage to find someone who looks similar and claimed he was the "body double"
  • we have still heard no recording, with or without the part where they used his fingerprint to unlock the I-watch and we have seen none of the images they claim prove Khashoggi was killed in the consulate building.
  • now we are told to believe they deposited body parts in a location that was SURE to be searched, the consulate general's own official residence.
  • but we are also told the face of that body was destroyed for some reason and thus we can't confirm his identity that way. Most likely the "chopped up hands" from the earlier story will keep finger print identification from being used as well.
  • immediately the complicit media and both sides of the fake divide of our One Party System jumped on the bandwagon accusing MbS of this event long before much of this fake "evidence" came out. Why? When so many aspects of the influence peddling establishment suddenly jump on the same propaganda bandwagon you can fully expect something is wrong with the story. The rush to judgement in spite of evidence and immediate calls for sanctions tells me there is something to the story... just not what they claim it is. This is a clue. A hint. And you have to be mighty stupid or insipid to overlook it. And unfortunately there are many in the so-called alternative media who have done just that. This is another clue.
MbS was not living up to a number of promises he made just a couple months ago when the complicit media, the bought off political class and the oligarchs they all served met with him over a three week period back in March and kissed his ring.

Back then he was the man. His decisions and his alone would determine who got what chunk of the newly neoliberalized Saudi Arabia and who got what part of their massive national wealth handed out in their new international investment program.

Like Pharaoh before him, MbS was a living God to our collective Mammon worshiping leadership class. But things started to change and he got closer to the Chinese and the Russians and started easing up on Iran and looking at Qatar as the most dangerous threat to his nation.

Earlier there had been an assassination attempt on his life.

In the wake of this event and all the pressure put on MbS to pony up the cash (every other word out of President Trump's mouth about this is "they have to pay") apparently he has yet to do so. And efforts to get King Salman to replace him have also failed. In fact, MbS has now been tasked with cleaning up Saudi's intelligence services, my assumption being they want to get rid of our assets planted deep within them.

Several arrests have been made in S.A. regarding this event but they have not released the names of those arrested and we do not know if they were members of the team sent to Istanbul or just folks within the Saudi establishment who support a coup or an assassination or any other form of regime change.

And now Trump says it looks like MbS did it. What new evidence he has has yet to be shared with us.

The official word for the administration is no one has yet to hear any recordings or see any videos of the event.

Remember when Russia was about to host the World Cup and the world would see them in a positive light?

What did they do according to our official story?

They decided right then to send some clowns to England to whack out a guy they couldn't care less about with a chemical weapon 10 times stronger than VX which didn't kill their targets and then they simply tossed the evidence on the ground somewhere as they left, making sure their faces were pictured in every surveillance camera from there to Moscow.

Here we are all this time later and the Saudis suddenly decide to send a basketball team over to Turkey right before Davos in the Desert using their real passports and official flights to whack out a guy you could kill with a good jump scare and apparently they are leaving body parts lying around like Symore Hersh's bullshit story about Navy Seals tossing bin Laden out a helicopter one piece at a time.

Its stupid.

It's beyond stupid.

It was a haphazard psyop conducted to pressure MbS to do what we ALWAYS demand of our favorite dictators: hand over the loot and look out for our "national interests" above and beyond those of their own people.

 "They had a very bad original concept. It was carried out poorly, and the cover-up was one of the worst in the history of cover-ups"

You can say that again Donny Tinyhands. You can say that again.

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