Thursday, October 4, 2018

Notes from the "Toxic", "Dumb Dumb", "Useful Idiot" Left... aka the REAL LEFT

To the Sam Sedars, David Pakmans and Ben Dixons of the interwebs I say this: what you disparage on the left, is the real left. And that is why you hate it so. And yes, you will lose subscribers and members and money for doing it. But you will certainly endear yourselves to the corrupt neoliberal corporatist unDemocratic Party and so I guess that is just fine by you. A "pragmatic" choice I suppose.

Members of the left, the real left, are learning more and more every single day they have been living in a little prison and now they want OUT. And good for them. They aren't going to keep taking their little f-in crumbs brushed off the Big Table anymore saying "thank you sir. May I have another" like you want them to and I for one am damn glad to see it.

What's better? Supporting a neoliberal right of Reagan unDemocratic Party or... letting em crash and burn and see what rises from the ashes?

This is my answer and I hope these guys choke on it.

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